With baptism humans become part of the Christian community. Baptism is the visible sign that God has accepted us into communion with God. Baptism is a sacrament and almost all churches worldwide recognize it as mutually valid. Thus, according to our understanding, a human being can only be baptised once, even if someone chooses to change ecclesial belonging at a later stage in their life. All girls and boys as well as adults are invited to receive the sacrament of baptism.

If you wish to arrange a date for the baptism of your child please contact the Pastorate.

In order to have your child baptised at least one parent has to be a member of a Christian church. Usually the administrative office of your church will be able to provide you with a baptismal certificate. This also holds for Germans who want to register their child for baptism.

In order to proceed with the baptism the parents need to choose two godparents. Alongside the parents, the godparents will accompany the child as it grows up. The child shall feel free to approach and talk to their godparents and regard them as role models. At least one godparent needs to be a member of a Christian church. This godparent will need to provide written evidence of their church membership.

The parents, in conjunction with the godparents or on their own, choose a baptismal verse from the Bible for the child. This verse is meant as orientation and guide in the child’s life. In order to prepare for the baptism, the parents will have a meeting and conversation with the pastor prior to the date of baptism. This may also include the godparents, if desired.

In case a teenager decides to be baptised before or on the same day as her/his confirmation, we presume the parents’ consent with their child’s decision. With confirmation the teenager is allowed and invited to take full part in the church’s life and concerns.

If an adult decides to be baptised there is no requirement to name godparents. The decision here lies with the person wishing to be baptised.