The word ‘confirmatio’ means ‘strengthening/confirming’. At the festive confirmation service the young person confirms as a mature Christian the promise their parents and godparents made for them at baptism. In this way God says ‘Yes’ to them once more and accepts them as they are. From now on they are regarded as mature members of the church and, based on the Bible, decide for themselves regarding matters of faith. For many Protestant Christians confirmation is the biggest feast which they will have celebrated up to that point in their life. Many guests arrive for this celebration to honour the young person’s confirmation and offer presents as a sign of their love and friendship.

In order to prepare the confirmands for this great day they attend an intensive week of listening, learning and sharing at the Lutheran Church in Ireland in Dublin from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday. Youth aged thirteen to sixteen from the island of Ireland are invited to take part in this ‘confi-camp’. Those who are already confirmed are invited to help and contribute to the week.

The confirmation camp is not intended as a week of ‘achievements’. The week will centre on the young people themselves, their questions about life’s meaning, their questions about faith and about their future. Together they experience what is important for life and which role the Christian faith and community can play in their lives. Indeed, this week may give them insights, encouragement and trust on their path of growing into adulthood. In these shared days they experience community, spirituality and fun.

Those living outside Dublin usually are hosted by families in our Dublin community. If there is a shortage of host families, they may stay in the Lutherhaus.

The confirmation camp is mainly through German. Depending on those taking part, some parts will also be in English. For the week we request a fee of €175.

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Pastorate.